Information & Cyber Security

The joined-up approach in resilience addresses both physical and digital ‘cyber’ security. Traditional good governance frameworks are being reshaped by increasing sophisticated threat activities, regulatory and legal requirements, best practice and customer concerns.


his key responsibility demands simple steps to easily identified issues with quick, effective actions that drive a targeted response and recovery. 

Business Intelligence

Gaining strategic insight through the combining of business analytics, data mining and data visualisation whilst using data tools, infrastructure and best practice to deliver rewarding answers. Wither addressing legacy systems, 'big data' or project delivery performance - finding information will monitor performance and deliver powerful strategic management tools .


Disaster Management

The successful management of an incident is key to the ability of containing threats and threats by executing on strategic decisions. Having an  experienced business 'friend' is critical to a fast paced issues in crisis management Finding the quickest routes to resolution is key to damage limitation and restoration of recovery management securely and at speed.

Technology Resilience

The continual adaption of new technologies leverages great benefits,  transformational impacts are often difficult to be anticipated or clearly owned.


Legacy, current and future systems need resilience strategies that align them not only to the key business processes but also have the benefit of enhancing performance, increasing availability and protecting customers. 

Crisis Management

Successfully managed incidents have common traits. The capture of critical activities in pre prepared, simple to execute, action orientated plans allows an experienced team to rapidly respond. 


 Understanding clearly the constitution of a crisis, how it is identified and everyone’s role and responsibility is a key performance indicator.

Exercising & Training

Embedding skills and achieving assurance through validation is a foundation to embedding resilience into any organisation. Ensuring skills are learnt and can be transferred  builds awareness and familiarisation.


Experience and well understood processes are the tools allowing people to perform well during the high and unfamiliar pressures of incident management.

Operational Resilience

Creating an holistic strategic framework that allows people, processes and information systems to adapt to changing interconnected functions which navigate an uncertain world.


Delivering a strengthened ability to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.

Continuity Management

A strategic industry standard and robust framework that ensures the continuity of services are agnostic to any scenarios.


Today this is accepted as a critical process, delivered through exact planning and giving assurance through validation. 

Performance Management

Performance management delivers against strategic goals and benefits directly from activities identified through analysis, operations, resilience and business systems improvement. Good performance intelligence streamlines and enhances business operations and delivery, managing resources and costs.


A passion to drive strategic resilience, risk and performance improvement

We have been committed to helping businesses succeed for over twenty years. Our experienced team works with clients around the world to understand specific risk shapes and how improvements can help their resilience, overall performance and simplify operational models.


Building measurable resilience not only includes deploying our knowledge, experience and understanding but creates a crisis and disaster management culture when its needed at high pressured times.

Our goal is to forge honest and rewarding long term relationships, from providing subject matter expertise to delivering outsourced services.  Our passion delivering resilience with award winning services, exactly when you need them.


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