Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence uses both tools and infrastructure to help your organisation make clear data driven decisions. We fuse power data in business analytics, data mining, visualisation and couple this with best practice. 

Working with you and using industry standard systems you may already have in house, we build and design repeatable dashboard solutions to empower business users with speed, insight and repeated monitoring.  

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Business Intelligence Systems

How We Can Help

Working with your existing teams and source data, means we are not starting from scratch.

We have partnered with existing leading BI software providers to be able to bring the best recognised resources directly to you, if they are not already in house.


With many years of experience, we start with the metrics, benchmarking, descriptive analysis, indicators and the data visualisation you need to achieve for your business management objectives.

Our team is able to put together a set of deliverables that will create a straight through result from - on boarding the data to automated pathways for regular data interrogation and review. At the same time providing your business and teams with new self help skills.

Getting Results

We help you get targeted, agree and define the results and reporting

  • Scoping data intelligence needs and agree deliverables

  • Data preparation and onboarding data sources

  • Building standard and specific reporting output dashboards and reporting

  • Creating repetition models for ongoing intelligence and performance measurement

  • Early warning and tolerance indicators

  • Cross training staff with 'train the trainer' ability to support you

We would be pleased to speak to you about how Business Intelligence services can help your strategy and performance goals.