Continuity Management

Successful continuity programmes are framed from the perspective of the business products and services, whilst contributing data to the connected organisation.


Understanding their needs is key to building business continuity resilience and leading all the services and dependencies, both internal and external. Great programmes have board level sponsorship, align strategies that address any type of impact and are simple and easy to deploy when people need to come together during stressful times. Whilst continuity is an iterative process as your business develops over time, validating those abilities and embedding into the organisation is a clear marker that you are reaching your goals. 

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How We Can Help

Trusted advice through experience. We are driven by helping business at levels that are right for you. From outsourced services, complementary skills in existing teams, mentoring, auditing and advising or running specific exercises or projects.


We provide access to experienced crisis managers through our incident help desk feature, driving confidence and assurance. Whichever your needs we have real world examples that help manage an organisations continuity arrangements.

Our key is being focused on simple evidence-based programmes, with specific deliverables, blending KPI’s with KRI’s.


Using a unique blend of experience, we have designed simple processes that show a clear pathway to re-evaluating and deploying continuity strategies, together with action orientated planning tools. Validation methods are industry and regulatory compliant, providing assurance and customer comfort.

Getting Results

Our focus is helping you target, implement and embed long term resilience into the business, including:

  • Speedy determination, outlining policy and programmes to international standards and best practice

  • Simple to deploy analytical tools defining impact and risk

  • Evidence-based pathways to strategy, addressing risk and appetite

  • Gap analysis, strategies and translation into execution for technology resilience (disaster recovery), critical vendors and support services

  • Simple action orientated tools for planning, crisis and incident management

  • Validation of arrangements through robust exercise and maintenance activities embedded within the programme

  • Mapping resilience to performance improvements and management goals

  • Specific crisis management leadership, training, support and on call services, together with disaster management services for ‘during’ the event

  • Access to key complementary world leader services 

We would be pleased to speak to you about how Continuity Management can help your strategic and resilience goals