Information & Cyber Security

A joined-up approach within resilience addresses both physical and digital ‘cyber’ security. Traditional good governance frameworks are being reshaped by increased and sophisticated threat activities, regulatory and legal requirements, best practice and customer concerns.


This key board responsibility demands simple steps in a clear pathway with easily identified issues and quick, effective actions which drive a targeted response and recovery. 


Security and threat intelligence, deep technical expertise, an understanding of the business operation and value areas, together with data protection are all key contributors. Industry standards from Cyber Essentials, NIST frameworks to ISO 27001 range from a simple one time ‘P&L’ approach to a sophisticated implementation of a structured management system. Organisations want an appropriate structure with assurance. 

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How We Can Help

As part of a joined-up approach to risk and resilience in any organisation, information and cyber security benefits from the identification of the important and valuable processes, activities and the data you already have within your business.


Embedding information and cyber security begins with the identification of the gaps in this ‘value’ collateral, technical expertise drives the areas of protect and detect, whilst respond and recovery activities should be embedded into a single response structure for business managers.  


Working with key partners and existing business teams we help in the protection of sensitive data, transmission, storage and access. Deploying robust data protection methodologies that allow secure access, view continual threat potentials and have closure limits and incident response protocols.  


Getting Results

To find the appropriate response to your information and cyber security needs we help construct: 

  • Identification of the key business value collateral and the current gap analysis

  • An independent understanding of the drivers in regulation, governance, threat and customer demand for your business

  • Work with existing teams, provide partners to execute on security intelligence, protection strategies, the early identification and detection of threats and containment 

  • Embed the response and recovery framework as part of the response structure dashboard

  • Act as an independent critical friend 


Our team would be delighted to discuss with you further how we can help you.