Disaster Management

Robust disaster and incident management response includes clearly defining the issues and having a unified approach, knowledge, experience and understanding from initial containment to recovery and continual improvement.


Most challenges come from separated incident management silos with decision owners going 'off book' without following agreed process. Crisis communication is a specific skill and teamwork unlocks success whilst ‘under fire’.

Good disaster management is the execution of those strategic decisions and actions not used in business as usual. Subject matter experts are under stress or inexperienced in DM, just at the moment when time is of the essence.

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How We Can Help

Empowering an organisation’s response structure with clear roles and responsibilities, which are action orientated is part of our culture, as is embedding this into the business.


What is important to make this work well is the experience and core tools to provide a fast and effective response during a crisis, ensuring containment and resolution.


We work with your existing strategic communication providers to deliver expert crisis communications. 

Our experienced teamwork provide access to a wide range of knowledge and experience from creating and unifying the structures, aligning them with effective practice, training and even deploying our experts to lead and use their experience just when you need it most.


Clients have access to our unique 24 x 7 Incident Help Desk response with the added feature of having secure access to key response processes and structures, resilient and complementary to their own systems. 

Getting Results

You have access to action orientated structures and subject matter experts, first responders and team leaders, best of breed emergency management systems and the longer term resolution experience:

  • Unique access to our knowledge base of common services - from call cascade systems, alternative communication paths, on call duty staff and unified deployment tools

  • Experience outsourced leadership, understanding or training in response development skills

  • Access to key partners security providers, forensic technology and security analysts through to on call physical infrastructure services and restoration providers. 

  • Safe hands with an understanding of the key prioritisation of people and processes, vulnerabilities and weaknesses

  • Post event management experience with loss adjustors, displacement strategies, cost and reduction control 

  • Unique specialist communication skills in crisis management with stakeholders, staff, customers and media

  • Rapid review, remediation and continual improvement framework

We would be pleased to speak to you about how Disaster Management can help your business revive, thrive and survive.