Technology Resilience

The continual adaption of new technologies leverages great benefits for every organisation, with transformational impacts often difficult to be anticipated or clearly owned.


Legacy, current and future systems need resilience strategies that align them not only to the key business processes but also have the benefit of enhancing performance, increasing availability and protecting customers.


Good governance is breaching the translation layer between the board and complex technology, allowing risk assessment evidence, oversight, compliance and ultimate assurance. 

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How We Can Help

IT resilience continues its growth in being able to align all systems (future and past) to a dashboard that meets business impact assessments in risk and needs. 


This in turn provides the business with critical assurance that it can continue to perform. That points to the solution that each organisation needs its own structure for IT resilience which works across the whole technology estate – both in the currency of data systems and the component parts which make up the whole environment.


It is an important feature that we deliver our clients with independent, vendor agnostic approach aligned to acknowledged industry standards best practice, helping boards create resilience in technology through clearly understood and aligned governance processes.  

Getting Results

Providing a structured IT continuity programme as part of a resilience framework includes many of the following aspects that benefit our clients: 

  • Business process risk assessment and dependencies

  • Gap analysis in current abilities, risks and desired resilience

  • IT resilience framework, response plans (data, network, estate management)

  • Structural resilience planning for legacy, current and future IT strategies

  • Incident impact management

  • Recovery & resolution plans and response

  • Validation and assurance testing (board, regulator and audit compliant) 


We would be pleased to speak to you about how our technology resilience specailsts can help protect your business.