Exercsing & Testing

Embedding skills and achieving assurance through validation is a foundation embedding resilience in any organisation.


Ensuring skills are learnt and can be transferred to people inside the business builds awareness and familiarisation. Experience and well understood processes are the tools that allow good people to perform well during the high and unfamiliar pressures of incident management.


Good organisations regularly test and practice their resilience abilities aligned to their key activities and iterative development. 

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How We Can Help

We have a wide range of existing and bespoke training materials and experience, from individual subject matter expertise for individuals and teams to cross organisation awareness. In addition, we provide clients with access to technical subject partners who offer very specific tailored needs, including industry qualifications

Our portfolio includes aligning specific skills in continuity analysis, data consolidation, incident team and crisis management training from the simple to complex structures to develop maturity 

By using recognised industry standards and best practice validation, our testing abilities for all areas of resilience assurance have been crafted in easy to align and simple to deploy processes 

KPIs are aligned to resilience arrangements, processes and ability to recover

Getting Results

Our exercising and training services allow people to learn and experience within a safe environment, by involving them in different areas of complexity including: Discussion, Tabletop Exercises and Simulations: 

  • Emergency & Crisis Management

  • Business Continuity

  • Cyber Resilience

  • Technology & Disaster Recovery

  • Identifying continuity risk and analysis functions

  • Assessing risks and threats to the organisation

  • How to prepare, plan, train, experience and inform

  • Response and recovery resolution

  • Management Simulations

We would be pleased to speak to you about how our results can embed and empower your business.