Crisis Management

Successfully managed incidents have common traits. The capture of critical activities in pre prepared, simple to execute, action orientated plans that allow an experience team to rapidly respond. This includes a clear understanding of what constitutes a crisis, how it is identified and everyone’s role and responsibility.


Crisis communications is a specific, embedded and targeted skill which delivers authenticity and transparency rapidly to all the stakeholders, when time is of the essence.

In preparing to succeed, agile organisations obtain resilience within a familiar single approach to any type of unexpected scenario, responding, containing and recovering quickly. 

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How We Can Help

We work with you to highlight the pathway to embeding a single Crisis Management process within your business, agnostic of scenario and crossing multiple disciplines

You can gain from our understanding of industry guidelines [ISO 22320 and 22361] together with the drivers for governance, regulatory frameworks and the expectations of customers, auditors and stakeholders


We provide  you with access to over twenty years of designing, delivering and using real life crisis experience across the globe within manufacturing, financial, public sector, utility, healthcare, supply chain and commercial services


Amongst our services our team offers horizon scanning, what critical business activities drive your response and recovery, how simple preparations feed a crisis team, the components of an effective crisis response and what recovery looks like and how that leads to post incident improvements 

Getting Results

Our combined skill sets knowledge, experience and understanding help our clients develop fast moving, action orientated and targeted crisis management plans: 

  • Streamline the crisis management response to a single organisational structure

  • Include key action orientated responses, targeted at people and customer interests

  • Align authenticity and transparency in crisis communication, facts vs speculation

  • Increase containment, speed and agility into your team

  • Provide access to deep technical expertise and experience

  • Deliver a wide range of training and embedding

  • Produce and validate critical functions dashboards and timescales

  • Access to critical Crisis Communications solutions and work with existing agencies, with experience and advice.

We would be pleased to speak to you about how our knowledge, understanding and crisis management experience can help protect your business.