Time to Give Up your Seat ?

Updated: Apr 19

Are Recovery Sites a thing of the past, or are we beyond that ? Guest editor, Sara Watts, asked Tom Remmick.

"The landscape is changing, and we may be surprised to learn that so is best practice. The world is watching what we are doing. Perfectly formed, resilience professionals have quickly adapted to modify business risk and resilience to become more than just saving costs, we have simplified. It’s what we are good at, and the market analysts and industry bodies know that.

The pandemic held down everyone’s digital fast forward button. The Phoenix was a spotlight on core products and services as the entry to a basic data set which has enabled a wide range of informed decision making – from resilience, cyber, risk management, technology, performance improvement and to strategy. All rely on common data which we find easier to put our arms around than our neighbouring big brothers.

By example, this year we continue to see the trend in customers and suppliers abandoning traditional recovery sites, reducing operating and hidden management costs - digital and physical. The immediate isolation needs of 2020 had forced flexible working, we survived. In 2021 we are stabilising and iteratively improving. Now we are defining flexible working and looking towards real exit paths where that data, borne from the fruit of several analysts, already exists.

As always preparation is key as disruptive incidents didn’t stop during the new ‘business as abnormal’. Technology interruptions, critical supplier failures and communications outages have all been there as unpleasant surprises made just a little more difficult and the list goes on.

As always continuity and resilience professionals have had the passion to adapt quickly leveraging independence and cherishing a scenario agnostic approach.

Today we are focusing on simplifying, reducing risks, resources and costs, staying ahead of our peer groups and learning more about what our exit looks like".

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