Our Approach


Armstrong Continuity are leading providers of Resilience, Business Continuity and Crisis Management services. Our aim is to give you access to expertise exactly when you need it. Our relationship values are built on trust, reliability, honesty and knowledge transfer. 


We work closely with our clients giving access to strategies, solutions or services that exactly fit their business needs. Delivered by specilaists who have years of knowledge, experience and understanding, we seek to deliver long term value through our unrivalled range of resources.



Business Continuity

Every organisation needs a proven Business Continuity Management System. Ensuring it works provides the ultimate assurance of 'business as usual', regardless of any exposure.


Your recovery ability increases your organisations reputation and ultimately adds value and Armstrong Continuity aims to to make that challenge as simple as possible.


Our refreshing approach to resilience chooses the right strategies and plans, it also involves everyone in the organisation that has a role to play - making sure that they are experienced, rehearsed and ready for anything.


We are proud to have a track record of helping clients adopt strategies that actually save money and are appropriate for the shape and size of their organisation, providing leadership and direction and maintain the investment through continual improvement. We make this possible by being cost effective, ensuring you get great results with great value.


From helping with full business continuity programmes, to delivering specific pieces of work that enhance your overall ability, our team are on hand to support your organisation. 

Exercising & Training

Getting the best out of everyone involved protects your business, the value of your investment and your resilience programme.


Our training and exercising is crafted to the needs, objectives and culture of each client and our experience means that you gain expert assistance to maximum the value and minimise your investment.


Armstrong Continuity also have an extensive range of training courses designed to meet all levels of experience and complexity.

Crisis Media Management

News stories travel the world at incredible speeds, using viral social media and armed with a mobile phone anyone can become an armchair reporter.


Many organisations have people who are media trained, but Crisis Media training is very different. The need to find what is being said about an organisation and comment quickly and effectively is running at i-speed - 'say nothing' is no longer an option.


There is a wide range of outlets today that every leader needs to understand -from traditional television, radio and press to on-line magazine programmes, social media and specialist blogs. Each have their own demands, time scales, audiences and rules.


Interactive training includes the use of camera crews, journalists and professional experienced providers. Our specialised Media Management & Communications experts deliver exacting value as you need it.


Crisis Management

Crisis Management is at the heart of what we do. Our team have a passion for creating the right response for your business.


We know its about making clear structured decisions in uncertain times, ensuring you command and control your teams using clear, effective easy to communicate processes.


Through years of experience Armstrong Continuity have provided specific help to businesses, tailored to their needs and industry best practice.


Our experts draw on a wide range of experiences including real life invocations. Your Crisis Management ability will support, stimulate and lead people in uncertain times.


To make this happen we can help you choose from a wide range of key elements and assets that suit your individual needs. You'll be prepared, experienced and ready.


An integrated solution technology should serve the business providing a robust platform on which to develop future needs and opportunities, whilst it core delivery and costs should be covered only by what the business needs to stay operational and resilient.


Technology develops in organisations by the addition of differing products and services that satisfy customer development or in house needs.


Our experience shows us that there can often be a gap between the robustness of the system and the resilience that is needed. The latter can be clearly and quickly identified through evidence based analysis that gets quickly to the needs of businessfocused processes.


Its a short GAP analysis away from where the business needs to be in terms of delivery, service level agreements and resilience ability.

Risk Management

Identifying and evaluating threats and unacceptable concentraions of risk highlights single points of failure that can quickly be lowered in likelyhood or potential impact disruption. 


Our experience in delivering threat mitigation measures means that corporate risk management becomes a robust and simplified process in your business. Through simple techniques such as Cost Benefit Analysis, Threat Reduction and reviewing Outcomes we help deliver robust solutions that limit expsoure and expense.

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